Ways to Lower your AC Costs this Summer

The summer season is just around the corner here in Northwest Florida. The Panhandle is known for having very hot summers and if you are spending time at home, you will surely be using your HVAC unit to make you more comfortable.
We have a few recommendations on how to keep costs low when the weather is at its highest.

Tips for the Beating Summer Heat

Keep Blinds Closed – You may have blinds, curtains or shades in your home that prevent excessive light from entering into your house. By preventing solar heat from gaining access to your home, you also help regulate temperature inside and keep your ac unit from over working.
Use a Ceiling Fan – Turning on the ceiling fan, can help you feel a few degrees cooler and make you feel more at ease when the weather outside is hot. But to really save energy, make sure to turn it off when not in use.
Maintain your Cooling SystemMaintaining your system is highly important. Without the proper care of your HVAC unit, it will end up working harder to cool your home and cost you more money during the summer season. Replace your filter at least once a month and make sure your unit is clear of dirt and debris.
If you have any other questions about your HVAC unit this summer or would like one of our AC repair professionals to come out and service your home, contact your AC repair company, Four Seasons today!

AC Repair Prevention Destin and Fort Walton Beach

Did you know that your HVAC unit requires monthly upkeep? There is maintenance that should be done regularly to prevent your HVAC from needing major repair. We have comprised a list of a few regular upkeep tasks that will keep your HVAC unit working in tip-top shape for the upcoming heat season.


Check your thermostat regularly to make sure it is giving an accurate reading of indoor temperature. If incorrect, if may be time to invest in a new one.

Check for Drafts

If your home doesn’t already have energy efficient windows or doors, this may cause your HVAC unit to work extra hard to help regulate the temperature. If investing in energy efficient windows is not a possibility, then at least make sure you have sealed any gaps where air may be escaping.

Add More Insulation

By making sure that your walls and attic are properly insulated, you prevent air from escaping through the walls. Proper ventilation will fill the room with the desired temperature of air without it exiting through the walls. This prevents your unit from staying on more often than it should.

These are just a few of the easy steps that could be added to your home care routine to prevent future AC repair. For more serious HVAC problems, contact our experienced staff for assistance.

Changing your Furnace in the Winter

As soon as winter arrives, one of the most important things you need to do is to make sure that your furnace is fully operational. A lot can happen to your furnace during the winter months when it isn’t being used.

Service Plans

Your best bet is to call your professionals at Four Seasons Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration to come out and inspect your furnace. We offer Heating and Cooling System Tune-ups at very competitive prices to keep your heating and air conditioning system working its best. We also offer an Energy Savings Plan starting at $136. This plan offers spring cooling service & maintenance as well as fall heating service & maintenance. Every customer that signs up for this plan will receive priority service and 10% off parts.

AC Repair and Much More!

During your maintenance inspection, your heating and cooling ac repair contractor will perform tasks such as cleaning the furnace, checking for leaks and unhealthy gases, and lastly ensuring that the furnace is fully operational. For a full list of our services and prices, visit our services page. Ready to have your furnace inspected this winter? Contact our friendly staff today!

Choosing the Right Size HVAC for your Home

Choosing a central air conditioning system to install in your home is no simple task. Selecting the correct HVAC system is highly important because a undersized or oversized unit can lead to significant problems in the future. It is not easy to account for all the factors that affect air conditioner size estimates. Guidance from a qualified HVAC company, like Four Seasons, will help point you in the right direction.

How are AC Sizes Estimated?

Avoid buying an air conditioner that is too large for your home. When shopping for a new HVAC unit it is important to remember that bigger is not necessarily better. Since an AC unit removes both heat and humidity out of the air, a proper size unit will remove humidity effectively as it cools down your home.

It can be challenging to determine what is the correct size HVAC unit for your home. While the information we gave you is good to reference, we strongly recommend you have one of our professionals assist you in selecting the ideal air conditioner for your home as there could be other factors that directly affect the size of your AC. Four Seasons is your trusted Northwest Florida HVAC company specializing in HVAC repair services and installation. Contact us today for more information on our services.

How our HVAC Repair Contractors Better Assist Homeowners with Pets

According to ASPCA, approximately 47% of all households in the United States have a dog and about 37% own a cat. Having a cat or a dog can be an endless battle for a homeowner when it comes to cleaning up after all the dander and fur. What homeowners don’t realize is that homes with pets are more than just cleaning the surfaces within your home. Homes with pets suffer from poor air quality when there aren’t proper solutions already put in place.

Our HVAC recommendations for all the homeowners with pets

1. Air filters – When you have pets, your air filter on your HVAC unit needs to be changed more frequently than what is recommended by the manufacturer. We advise homeowners with pets to change their air filter every 60 days.
2. Upgrade filters– Perhaps allergies are a problem around your home. We would recommend high-efficiency filters that can remove smaller dander particles and help clear the air around your home.
3. HVAC Cleaning – If you have noticed build of pet hair and dander along with any other debris in your HVAC system, then we advise you get it cleaned. HVAC system cleaning and duct cleaning are services that could help clear air quality in a home with pets.

Would you like to have an inspection of your duct and heating system? Contact us and set up an appointment so that one of our HVAC repair contractors can come out and inspect your unit. We will arrange a time that is convenient for you!

How to Know your AC is Almost Ready to be Replaced

Your AC unit made it through another hot summer season. You think to yourself that your AC unit is in the clear but that may not always be the case. Just because your AC made it through one summer doesn’t guarantee it will make it the next time temperatures on the Gulf Coast soar in the high 90’s. It’s important to see if your AC needs maintenance or needs to be completely replaced especially after a season of high temperatures. Here are some possible indicators that your air conditioner may be at the end of the rope.

1. AC is not cooling – This is probably the most obvious indicator but should definitely be looked into if experiencing this issue. An air conditioner is meant to keep your home cool and if it isn’t doing that, then there is a problem. This could be caused by a few reasons such as a refrigerant leak, calibrated thermostat or a compression failure. If your not sure why your is AC not cooling properly, then its best to have a professional come out and assess your unit.
2. Noisy AC unit – A well maintained and properly functioning air conditioner is meant to operate quietly and efficiently without excessive noise. If your AC is noisy or making an unusual sound then this could be an indicator that a bigger problem is compromising your AC system such as the air conditioner’s fan belt. This is another instance when you should consult a professional to diagnose the problem.
3. Drop in air flow – If you have noticed a decline in your air conditioner’s air flow, it could be an indicator that your unit is breaking down. First check your air filters and if they are not in need of replacing, then call a technician to access the situation.

Call Today for Air Conditioning Repairs and Installation

If your AC is on the verge of failing or needs maintenance, contact Four Seasons Air Conditioning, your local AC contractor, for more information on installation and repairs.

HVAC Energy Savings Plan in Northwest Florida

Living in Northwest Florida, whether you reside in Destin, Navarre, Crestview or South Walton, an HVAC system is a necessity in any home. Good quality HVAC systems are an investment that is not cheap. As with any investment, it is important to maintain HVAC systems to prevent any future mishaps and result in costing you a fortune.

Save money through our HVAC Energy Savings Plan.

At Four Seasons Air Conditioning and Heating, we give our customers the option to be on our Energy Savings Plan. Our Certified Service Technicians can perform a check up and maintenance on your HVAC system to make sure it is working properly. A routine check up will make sure that any potential problems are detected and fixed before it becomes extensive resulting in extra costs.

Our Certified Service Technicians will take care of your cooling needs.

The maintenance plan reduces the repair cost of your system. On top of the benefits of extending the life of your HVAC system, the Energy Savings Plan includes discounted rates on service repair costs.

Our Energy Savings Plan is available for our customers in all our service areas: Destin, Navarre, Crestview, Gulf Breeze, Fort Walton Beach, and South Walton.

Contact Four Seasons Air Conditioning and Heating for more information about our Energy Savings Plan!

Stay Cool: HVAC Repair and Maintenance by AC Contractors

The Northwest Florida summer heat can really drain your energy. An air conditioning unit is not just a luxury but also a necessity during summers in the Emerald Coast. Taking care of your HVAC unit through scheduled maintenance by our AC contractors will help elongate the life of your HVAC unit and prevent mishaps when the heat is at its peak.

Here are the main reasons why having AC Contractors inspect and perform maintenance on your HVAC Unit is important:

  • Possibility of emergency repairs is lowered. Scheduled HVAC maintenance will help you detect any possible issues that may come up in the future and keep your HVAC machine and its components up to date.
  • HVAC Units are only as good as its components. Make sure that HVAC unit parts are constantly clean of debris and dirt. Filthy components will make your air conditioning unit work harder to cool or heat and cause more issues as a result of wear and tear.
  • Easier to keep track of parts that are still under warranty. When you schedule HVAC maintenance, you will know what parts of your HVAC unit are still under warranty and what is about to expire. In the event of a malfunction, this could save you money on last minute shipping costs and help make sure that the parts were up to date to begin with.
  • Good air quality. When an HVAC unit is maintained, the system will consistently work better. The air quality will be at its best and will be cleaner. This is especially important for the sake of your health and your loved ones that live with you.
  • Energy bills will be lower. Keeping your HVAC maintained will help your bills go down if the machine is working properly. Maintenance will also detect any issues that could become costly if not repaired until it is too late.

From Destin to Crestview to Fort Walton Beach, our AC contractors service customers throughout the Northwest Florida region.

The professional AC Contractors at Four Seasons Air Conditioning and Heating will help you maintain the efficiency and prolong the life of your HVAC unit.

Remember, we service customers all throughout the Northwest Florida region. Whether you are in Destin, Crestview, Fort Walton Beach or in the other surrounding areas . The AC contractors at Four Seasons Air Conditioning and Heating are the best and the professionals you can rely on to make sure your home feels like home.

Contact the AC contractors at Four Seasons Air Conditioning and Heating today to schedule a maintenance or if you have any questions about services to your HVAC unit. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Stay cool for the summer!

Welcome to Four Seasons Air Conditioning!

Welcome to Four Seasons Air Conditioning! Check back soon for air conditioning and heating tips!

We service customers in all of Northwest Florida in cities such as Fort Walton Beach, Destin, Niceville, and Navarre. Contact us for your free consultation today!

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